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Ross LPD/LLPD (low pressure drop) and ISG (interfacial surface generator) Static/Motionless Mixers are well known for their wide ranging uses in turbulent and laminar flow mixing applications. Each design can be supplied as complete plug-in modules or as individual elements for installation into your preferred housing design.

The LPD (Low Pressure Drop) Motionless Mixer is an exceptionally efficient in-line mixer that contains no moving parts. It is easily installed in new and existing pipelines and offers both low installation and low operating costs. With no moving parts to wear out, it is completely trouble free, requires no maintenance and has an infinite life. Its patented design provides mathematically predictable mixing results of liquids or gases with very low pressure drop.


The ISG (Interfacial Surface Genrator) Mixer is a continuous process, in-line mixer having no moving parts. It offers mathematically predictable layer generation in a wide variety of liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, and gas-liquid mixing applications. The mixer can quickly be installed in new and existing pipelines at low initial and operating costs.

Since it has no moving parts, there is no wear and as a result, no maintenance is required.


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